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About EMC

Our Mission

EMC is a place for community and shared ideas providing quality, freshness, and service in a welcoming neighborhood environment with a carefully curated selection of grocery items as well as freshly-prepared, made-to-order menu items at The Counter.

Chef Louis Evan Snowden

Chef Louis Snowden grew up in Central Kentucky in the shadows of his Nana Louise Evans, where cooking was always a big event. His fondest childhood food memories consist of big family meals of Southern comfort food served on Hadley Pottery on the screened porch at Nana’s house, overlooking the backyard.

Chef Snowden received his culinary degree from The Scottsdale Culinary Arts School. He and his partner Ralph live with two cats, T ’tanks and Miss J. Fun fact; an avid cellist, Chef Snowden actually had to quit playing to pawn his beloved cello for collateral to pay for Fresh Table. Thankfully he has since been able to purchase it back.

Chef Meredith Trombly

Chef Meredith Trombly caught the cooking bug in high school, and even went so far as to make her own eggroll wrappers out of whole wheat flour. Contrary to most working chefs, she actually enjoys cooking at home.

When she’s not adding to her stash of “Hello Kitty” paraphernalia, you can probably find Chef Trombly browsing the Friends of the Public Library book sale to add to the collection of over 400 cookbooks that are used mainly for culinary inspiration. Favorites include, “I Am Almost Always Hungry: Seasonal Menus and Memorable Recipes,” by Lora Zarubin, and “The Zuni Cafe Cookbook: A Compendium of Recipes and Cooking Lessons from San Francisco's Beloved Restaurant,” by Judy Rodgers and Gerald Asher.

Chef Trombly has a culinary degree from The Midwest Culinary Institute here in Cincinnati, as well as a degree in Fine Arts from The San Francisco Art Institute, which comes in quite handy when it comes to her visually stunning food presentation.

Local Producers

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Located next to Cincinnati’s historic Findlay Market, The Epicurean Mercantile Company (EMC) is a small urban grocery serving the needs of the Over-the-Rhine and neighborhoods.

Open 8am – 8pm Everyday